DIA Rod and Gun Club Newsletter, January 2017

1. 2017 Dues are Due


It’s that time of the year again. Dues for 2017 are unchanged at $40, and due now. Please make checks payable to DIA Rod and Gun Club, Inc, and send to Membership Chair Bernie Gately, 9121 Lake Braddock Dr., Burke, VA 22015-2136. Thank you.


2. Subsidies are back for Club Fishing/Hunting Opportunities


Our most important news is that 15% subsidies are back for 2017! As was done in previous years, each member participating in a club sponsored trip will receive a 15% subsidy per event from the Club with the annual total not to exceed their $40 annual membership dues. This subsidy is intended to encourage greater participation in our club sponsored events.


Members can look forward to another year of fishing and hunting trips organized by our activity chairpersons. The Board of Directors has approved the 2017 events requested by Committee Chairmen, which includes a minimum of three trips for each of the club’s standing activity areas. Spring fishing chairmen are organizing upcoming trips -- dates and trip details will be released as soon as they become available.


We currently have chairperson vacancies in the VA and MD hunting areas. Past hunting trips included upland bird and waterfowl hunting at local preserves and waterways. Any member who is willing to fulfill these positions or even organize an individual trip are encouraged to contact any of the board members. Remember that the Club’s success depends on our member’s willingness to share their passions of the outdoors with others.


3. February Lake Anna Freshwater Rockfish Trips Planned


There are two Lake Anna events currently planned for 2017. The first event is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Feb 25 and Sunday, Feb 26, and is focused on trolling for “Hawg” or trophy-size rockfish. The second event is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Jun 8 and Friday, Jun 9, and is focused on straight down, “fast and furious” rockfish. A trip in the Fall may be possible, depending on interest. The dates were chosen after carefully checking solunar tables from four fishing applications. The limit remains at 4 rockfish per day over 20 inches. We also catch some nice sized largemouth bass and channel catfish. The trip involves a guide and a pontoon boat equipped with sophisticated fish-finding equipment. The tackle and live bait are provided by the guide. The optimum fishing arrangement is to have four fishermen go out each day. The cost per member is approximately $117 including a 15% subsidy but not including any tips. Exact cost is subject to change. If you are interested in signing up for the February or June trips, please contact Martin Lockard, 571-529-6433, twistruff@cox.net.


4. New Club Fishing and Game Awards Coming Soon


A new initiative for 2017 is the introduction of DIA Fishing and Hunting Awards. Club members who catch the largest fish of various species during club trips or harvest the best buck or spring gobbler on an individual hunt will be recognized. There will also be a category for the best newsletter article. Winners will be awarded a certificate of recognition at the subsequent spring membership meeting. The exact criteria for each award are currently being finalized and will be released soon, but in general terms members catching large fish need only to take a picture next to a ruler showing the size and get a fellow member to confirm the exact measurement. Hunters need to have a fellow member confirm the point count or beard and spur measurements of their 2017 harvest.


The bottom line: Watch for announcement of fishing trips, sign up and keep your rulers and cameras ready!


5. New Qualification Standards for Fairfax Co Archery Deer Management


Club members who want to participate in the 2017-2018 Fairfax County Archery Deer Management Program need to be aware of important program changes for 2017. Before you can apply, you must first qualify with 3 out of 3 arrows in a 7-inch pie plate at 20 yards and 2 out of 3 at 30 yards using your hunting equipment. Traditional archery equipment continues to be prohibited. Qualifications will be conducted March 31 through June 4. If you do not qualify on your first attempt you must come back another day – no second chances the same day. The application period will begin after qualifications have closed. If qualified and selected, you must then complete the International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) before the season begins or show proof you have completed it in the past. Members should schedule an IBEP course as soon as possible as they fill quickly.


6. Belvoir Bowhunters Trip to Pennsylvania Outdoor Show


The Belvoir Bowhunters have invited our club members to join them in their club sponsored bus trip to the Pennsylvania Outdoor Show which is to be held in Harrisburg, PA on 6 February. They will be chartering a bus and departing from the Backlick North Park and Ride located at 6831 Backlick Rd., Springfield VA 22150 at 7:00 AM and returning at 7:30 PM. The cost is $55 and includes the bus, buffet breakfast enroute, and the show ticket. To reserve your ticket call or email Rich Vigue (703) 217-4988 or rich.vigue60@gmail.com. Payment with credit card or check is accepted.


7. Member’s Moose Hunt


Our own Club president, Dave Burpee, recently had success on a moose hunt in Canada this past fall. Not only did he harvest a bull moose, he did it using a traditional bow. Congratulations, Dave! Read his story below. ____


The sound was unmistakable -- a male moose had responded with a grunt to the female moose call screamed into the Canadian woods by my guide. This was scheduled to be my last moose hunt so any legal animal was in trouble. Game on!


This was my third trip to hunt about an hour and a half east of Edmonton, Alberta with the Alberta Wildlife Guide Service. I enjoyed the hunts even though the 7 days spent in the truck for the round trip of 5,236 miles was a drag. This hunt, however, had the added satisfaction of moose in the freezer.


I first heard the moose about 100 yards out in some dense woods. My guide was about 30 yards from me to my right and did not hear the first grunt so I was waving like crazy behind a tree to get his attention but he did not look my way. The second grunt was just inside the dense wood line and that definitely got the guide's attention! He scrambled to a spot about 30 yards behind me and prepared to call the moose to him and in the process draw him past my ambush. He did not get a chance to call because this moose definitely had sex on his mind as he beat a straight line through a relatively open patch of alders to a spot 19 yards from me. A quick prayer and the wooden arrow tipped with a 145-grain Eclipse broadhead was gone from my Great Northern bow, a 61" recurve with 58 pounds at 28" draw.


The animal was quartering away and I could see him jump and then run with the fletchings in the boiler room and about 8 inches of arrow showing. Later we would learn the arrow penetrated both lungs and lodged in the off-side shoulder.


We waited about 30 minutes and then tracked him about 250 yards to his final resting place. The guide estimated the bull was 2.5 to 3.5 years old and the butcher ultimately estimated the live weight at about 1,100 pounds.


We all have moments to remember and this was certainly one of mine.


8. Calendar of Events

  • February 6 – Fort Belvoir Bowhunter trip to PA Outdoor show
  • February 10,11 &12 – The Nation’s Gun Show, Dulles Expo Center. Chantilly, VA.
  • February 25 & 26 – tentative date for Lake Anna “Hawg” Rockfish trip
  • Apr. 8 – Beginning of VA spring Turkey Season
  • May – Youth Fishing Event at OBNWR, Woodbridge. Exact date TBD.
  • May – DIAR&G Spring membership meeting. Exact date and location TBD.
  • June 8 & 9 - tentative date for Lake Anna “Fast and Furious” Rockfish trip.
  • Sep. – DIAR&G club Fall Membership dinner. Exact date TBD.






DIA Rod and Gun Club Newsletter, November 2016

Rescheduled Fall Membership Meeting – December 4, 2016

The meeting will take place at the Fairfax Rod and Gun Club, Manassas, VA, on Sunday, Dec 4th.  We have reserved a skeet and trap field, and plan to follow our normal Fall format.  Please plan to attend, save the date.  A separate invitation with directions will follow shortly. Also, if you are a current range-qualified Fairfax Rod and Gun member, please volunteer to serve as a range officer for a couple of hours.  Contact Dave Eoff at <deoff1@verizon.net> if you are available.


New Initiatives for the DIA Rod and Gun Club

Please see the attached memo that describes new initiatives that will be discussed at the fall meeting.


Possible Hunting Lease in Orange Co, Virginia

Our Club is currently negotiating a lease for a property south of Culpepper, VA.  Stand by for further details.


Volunteers needed for Occoquan Bay NWR Hunts

Once again the OBNWR staff has asked for our assistance with the fall hunting program there. We need a few volunteer lines to come out on Nov 15th to help check and put up the safety lines on the tree stands. Then we need help moving the deer for the youth hunt on Dec 3rd and the lottery hunts on Dec 8th and 15th. If you can help please email Bernie Gately at the above address as soon as you can clear your calendars.


Thanks and apologies

Many thanks to those who have recently sent me photos and stories for inclusion in the newsletter.  Unfortunately, my computer is suffering serious Internet problems that neither I nor Hewlett-Packard seem to be able to fix.  I will get these in a new newsletter as soon as I can.  Thanks for your patience – Dave Eoff



DIA Rod and Gun Club Newsletter, July 2016

In this issue:

  • Trip Report: Halibut Fishing in Seward, Alaska
  • Lake Anna
  • Stripers in Virginia
  • Virginia Managed Hunts
  • Virginia Hunting Regulations for 2016-2017
  • Fairfax County Managed Firearms Hunts
  • Calendar of Events
  • Points of Contact



1. Trip Report: Halibut Fishing in Seward, Alaska

Bob Zebell, our Treasurer, sent the following about his recent trip to Alaska for Halibut.

I fished from the Seward Army Lodge’s boats; we typically had 4-6 fishermen on board, sometimes more during the high season. They have good captains that know where the fish are… at least on my trip she did!

  • We fished about 200 feet down with 2-pound weights due to the strong Alaska currents offshore of Resurrection Bay… used live bait.
  • After the weight hit bottom, we reeled the line in so the bait was just a few feet off the bottom. (The halibut lay flat on the ocean bottom and wait until their prey swims by and they swim upward to catch their meal.)
  • The halibut grow larger than their cousins, the flounder. Some weigh hundreds of pounds although my fish were only 35-45 inches long and weighed between 25 to 40 pounds. (The largest flounder I've caught was in Peru just south of Cabo Blanco near the Ecuador-Peru frontier and weighed 26 pounds.)
  • The big fish fight but aren’t “jumpers” like some game fish. They do fight by turning their bodies so they are like a sail in the water. So it’s real work hauling them in… especially from 200 feet down. I caught four big ones and I was tired after reeling ‘em in… but it was fun!!
  • The problem with Orcas is that they like to snatch the fish while being reeled in… When that happens you have to fish elsewhere. They know where the easy meal is so they hang around. I must confess, I enjoyed seeing ‘em even though they can be a pain-in-the-rear!!!
  • The other fish were called “rockfish.” (I guess every region has rockfish even though the fish we caught don’t look at all like our East Coast “rockfish” AKA “striped bass.”)
  • Alaska’s water is cold… colder than the Humboldt current running from Antarctica along South America’s west coast past Peru where I’ve fished… probably warmed up going along the coast towards the Equator. During my Seward visit, some people died after capsizing off the Alaska coast, from hypothermia they said.


2. Lake Anna

Marty Lockard reports: It was supposed to be an excellent fishing day, the weather was beautiful, and we expected another "fast and furious" event. But a big storm a few days earlier seemed to interfere. The action was relatively slow. Andy Tirch, Tommy

Thompson, Jed Woodill, and Marty Lockard caught four keeper rockfish, three largemouth bass, one white perch, and plenty of catfish and undersized rockfish. Andy

Tirch had the hot hand, catching the most fish and the largest rockfish. This is the last approved, club-sponsored Lake Anna trip for 2016 unless there is enough interest to request more events. Another warm weather event and a fall event are possible.

Communicate with Marty Lockard, twistruff@cox.net, 571-529-6433, if interested.


3. Stripers in Virginia

Ed Fortunato reports that Club members caught their limit of legal size striped bass and a total of 43 by 10:15 on May 27.  Fishing once again on the “Heritage” in the lower

Potomac, which continues to produce for us every time we fish with him. As usual lots of camaraderie, laughs and poor jokes from Dick Van de Hei, along with continual fish biting, made for another great DIA Club event and day on the water.


4. Virginia Managed Hunts

The Mason Neck and Occoquan Bay deer hunt websites are up and running. Hunt applications are now available for the coming season.  Mason Neck Hunt Website:


Occoquan Bay Hunt Website:



5. Virginia Hunting Regulations for 2016-2017 available online

Virginia hunting and trapping regulations (The Hunting Digest) are now available online at the VADGIF website. The printed version will be available in August at all the usual places.


6. Fairfax County Managed Firearms Hunts

Sgt Earit Powell, FCPD, Animal Protection Police, reported we will not be conducting the annual firearms hunt out at Sully Woods for the next two years. As of right now we do not have any plans for firearms hunts on any other County properties. Any changes will be passed along immediately.

DIA Rod and Gun Club Newsletter, May 2016

In this issue:

  •  Float Fishing Trip on the Shenandoah – June 12
  •  VA Freshwater Fishing (Lake Anna)
  •  Maryland Live-Lining Striper Fishing Charter
  •  Fort A.P.Hill Hunting Survey
  •  Youth Fishing Event Results
  •  Calendar of Events
  •  Points of Contact


1. Float Fishing Trip on the Shenandoah – June 12.


Take an early Father’s Day Treat!  Save the date of Sunday, June 12th for a float fishing trip on the South Fork of the Shenandoah. We'll meet and start at 0800 at Down River Canoe Company (DRCC) in Bentonville, VA for an all-day float of the Burner's Bottom section, one of the best fishing sections on the river--it's about 7.5 miles long. Canoes will be $65 each or $32.50 per person double occupancy. Kayaks will be $44 each (single-person kayaks),

and DRCC has 10 brand pm new fishing kayaks this year. If you want to use your own canoe or kayak, DRCC will shuttle for $12. To sign up contact Maston Gray by e-mail maston.gray@cox.net or by phone 703-408-8020 NLT 5 pm on Sunday June 5.  Let’s fish!


2. VA Freshwater Fishing (Lake Anna).


On April 22/23, we fished for freshwater Rockfish (stripers) on Lake Anna. We use pontoon boats, a guide, special fish-finding equipment, and live bait (herring/shad) that is abundant

in the lake. One boat fished on April 22, and the second boat fished on April 23. Rain threatened on both days, but it turned out not be an issue on either day. The water was still cool, and the

fish were not schooling. So we trolled using 11-13 fishing rods and planer boards. The first boat caught 12 keeper Rockfish over 20 inches, and the second boat caught 15 keepers. Each

boat caught about three times as many stripers. We watched many of them measuring 19 ¾ inches going back into the lake for another day. A number of channel catfish were also caught. Everyone enjoyed the fishing and the serenity of the lake.  Our next trip is tentatively planned for June. June is a “fast ‘n furious” month when the Rockfish begin schooling and we fish straight down with two fishing poles each. It is necessary to set up these fishing events well in advance, but it isn’t always possible to align the scheduled (and sometimes rescheduled) dates with the

newsletter. That is why it is so important to sign up in advance saying that you are definitely

interested in fishing at Lake Anna. You will be added to a special Lake Anna group email list.

You will get detailed information and notifications about each upcoming fishing event

through that email group. Contact Marty Lockard at twistruff@cox.net or 571-529-6433 (H).


3. Maryland Live-Lining Striper Fishing Charter.


Lew Roach is scheduling a striper fishing charter with Captain Wayne Schuhart out of Chesapeake Beach, MD (Rod ‘n Reel Marina) on Sunday June 26th at 6:00 AM. FYI “live-lining” is a light tackle technique whereby we spend an hour or so bottom fishing for bait fish, then rig the little critters to catch medium-sized stripers. This year’s limit remains at two fish, however both must be at least 20 inches, with just one above 28 inches. We could also get into some blue fish.

Logistics: Captain supplies rods; mate cleans the fish back at the dock. We’re seeking 6-8 anglers, and cost should be at or below $100 per angler (depending on final head count), plus a suggested tip to the mate of at least $20. For more information please call Lew at cell (202) 417-4185 or email @ lew.roach@gmail.com. (Note: we advertised for sign-ups at the DIA Rod & Gun Spring Meeting, so get your druthers known by JUN 1st)


4. Fort A.P.Hill Hunting Survey


Board member Dick Vande Hei provided info from a hunter survey at Ft. AP Hill. There were a number of interesting topics mentioned, including: preventing hunters from checking into site, but not hunting, thus tying up those sites; access and opening more roads to recreational use; antler restrictions and either sex hunting; and coyote control. Also, about 74 percent of respondents opined that the deer herd was “too low” or slightly low.” If you want specifics from the survey, please contact Dick at rvande2924@verizon.net.


5. Youth Fishing Event Results.


We had a very successful turn-out for the kid's fishing day at Occoquan Bay NWR this year. Thanks to all the Club members who gave up a few hours to put smiles on young faces. The weather held for the event and all the youngsters caught fish. Let’s do it again next year.


6. Calendar of Events


Jun TBD - VA Freshwater Fishing (Lake Anna)

Jun 12 - Float Fishing Trip on the Shenandoah

Jun 12-14 – Ocean Fishing Charter, Cape Hatteras, NC

Jun 26 - MD Live-Lining Striper fishing charter

Aug 19 – Spanish mackerel fishing charter, Northern Neck, VA.

Sep 18 - DIAR&G Fall Membership meeting, Izaak Walton League, Centreville

Dec 2 - Trophy Striper Fishing Charter, Northern Neck, VA






DIA Rod & Gun Club Newsletter, April 2016

In this issue:

• Spring Membership Meeting, Sunday, May 1, 2016
• Volunteers needed.
• VA Saltwater Fishing Opportunities
• VA Freshwater Fishing Opportunity
• Fairfax Co. Archery Deer Management Results
• Bobwhite Nesting Season
• Calendar of Events

1. Spring Membership Meeting Sunday, May 1, 2016 – Save the Date
Rick Mrstik has once again secured the Izaak Walton League, Centreville, for the meeting. We
will once again provide free shotshells and two rounds of skeet or trap per member. Additional
information will be provided separately, but please plan to attend.

2. Youth Fishing Volunteers Needed.
Kid's fishing day at Occoquan Bay NWR this year is Saturday, May 14. We're looking for some
fishing mentors again to work with the school group that will be coming. While the event runs
from 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM, volunteers should arrive by 8:45 AM and stay at least until 12:30 PM,
when we expect the majority of the kids to break for "lunch" (mostly snacks). If you can help
out, please contact Rozz and their new volunteer coordinator, Kimberly at the following emails:
Rosalind_Wu@fws.gov, Kimberly_Kruszewski@fws.gov

3. VA Saltwater Fishing Opportunities
Cape Hatteras big game fishing (tuna, mahimahi, white marlin, etc.) There are 2 openings for a Cape Hatteras charter 12-14 June for a second boat; one is already filled with those members paid. Cost is $258 plus $50 tipfor mate. There is also a fish cleaning charge at Cape Hatteras.
Chesapeake Bay fishing

Already scheduled:
19 Aug - Spanish mackerel, 2 openings
2 Dec - trophy stripers, 1 opening
DIA Rod & Gun Club Newsletter, April 2016
Cost for these Bay trips is $100 per member plus a $25 tip for the mate. We have done this the
last two years and the fishing was great. We’ll schedule additional Bay trips for you if
you contact us. Suggest late May through June scheduling.
All fishing gear, bait and fish cleaning for the Bay trips is included. Just bring food/drinks and
your cooler. Women and children are welcome.
Contact Ed Fortunato, H 540-548-2489, cell 703-622-9323, email: ed.fort.translog@comcast.net

4. VA Freshwater Fishing Opportunity
Lake Anna is a beautiful lake southwest of Fredericksburg and about 1 ½ hours from Springfield.
Our trips focus on rockfish (stripers), but we also catch large-mouth bass and channel catfish on live bait. The limit on rockfish is four per day over 20 inches. Information was sent out in
January to all club members who had indicated an interest in fresh water fishing. That
information included an opportunity to get on a special email list of club members who are
interested in fishing at Lake Anna. A number of club members responded.

The first event for 2016 was scheduled for April 7/8 (one boat each day). It was cancelled due to
very unfavorable weather. The event is now rescheduled for April 21/22/23 (one boat each
day). If you would like to be added to the special email list or sign up for the late April fishing
event, contact Marty Lockard at twistruff@cox.net, (571-529-6433), and provide him with your
name, address, and home/cell numbers.

5. Fairfax Co Archery Deer Management results
Jay Avery reports that his group harvested 35 deer this year at their assigned properties near
Clifton, VA. This is three less than last year’s harvest, but inclement weather kept hunters out of
the parks at times. Overall, the program resulted in the harvest of 1052 deer from county

The application period for this year’s hunt lottery will be in June and July 2016. If you are
interested in this program, information is available on the Fairfax Co website, as it becomes

6. Bobwhite Nesting Season
May is the month when bobwhite quail breed and sit on nests. VDGIF asks that you disk fields
before mid-April to avoid destroying nests. Fallow land is used by a number of other species,
including deer, turkeys and rabbits, too.

7. Calendar of Events
Apr 17 – Trophy Striper Fishing Charter, Chesapeake Beach, MD
Apr 21-23 – Striper Fishing Charters, Lake Anna, VA
May 1 – DIAR&G Spring Membership meeting, Izaak Walton League, Centreville
May 1 – end of Virginia tautog season/Trophy striper season begins
May 2-14 – Spring turkey season change – hunting permitted one half hour before sunrise to
sunset. See the VDGIF website for information.
May 13-15 – Women’s Outdoor Weekend at Holiday Lake 4H center (women 10 and older)
May14 – Youth fishing Event at OBNWR, Woodbridge.
Jun 12-14 – Ocean Fishing Charter, Cape Hatteras, NC
Aug 19 – Spanish mackerel fishing charter, Northern Neck, VA.
Sep 18 - DIAR&G Fall Membership meeting, Izaak Walton League, Centreville
Dec 2 - Trophy Striper Fishing Charter, Northern Neck, VA

DIA Rod & Gun Club Newsletter, March 2016


In this issue:

  •  Membership Renewal
  •  Election of Officers
  •  VA Saltwater Fishing Opportunities
  •  VA Freshwater Fishing Opportunity
  •  MD Saltwater Trophy Fishing Opportunity
  •  Spring Membership Meeting Sunday, May 1, 2016
  •  Volunteer Activities


1. Membership Renewal. It's time to renew your membership for 2016. Please send your check for $40.00, made out to DIA Rod & Gun Club, Inc. to Bernie Gately, 9121 Lake Braddock Drive, Burke, VA 22015-2136. No form is needed to renew, but please update any contact information that has changed.


2. Election of Officers. At the Board of Directors meeting in January, The Board unanimously re-elected Dave Burpee as President, Dave Eoff as Vice President and Rick Mrstik as Secretary. Bob Zebell's continuing appointment as Treasurer was reaffirmed.


3. VA Saltwater Fishing Opportunities


VA Bay fishing from Northern Neck (Lottsburg/Reedville)

  • Friday 27 May – striped bass(rockfish)-cost $109 + $25 cash tip for mate (yes, $109, not $100 for the May trip). This is Memorial Day weekend
  • Friday 19 Aug – spanish mackerel/bluefish – cost $100 + $25 cash tip
  • Friday 2 Dec – big striped bass (rockfish) -cost $100 + $25 cash tip.


I can easily set up another striped bass charter which I suggest May – 15 June. Weekdays are easier. Also going for bottom fishing for croakers and spot and bluefish anytime during the summer is fun. Let me know your interested dates or days of the week.


Cape Hatteras big game fishing. We have done this the last two years and it was great. Suggest late May–June. Cost approx $258 each, plus $50 tip. These have been very successful for mahi-mahi, tuna, amberjack, shark, marlin etc. Let me know if you are interested and I will set up a trip. All fishing gear, bait and fish cleaning for the Bay is included . There is a fish cleaning charge at Cape Hatteras. Just bring food/drinks and your cooler. Women and children are welcome. Contact Ed Fortunato, home- 540-548-2489, cell 703-622-9323, email: ed.fort.translog@comcast.net.


4. VA Freshwater Fishing Opportunity

Lake Anna is a beautiful lake southwest of Fredericksburg and about 1 ½ hours from Springfield. The fishing there is excellent for rockfish (stripers), large-mouth bass, crappie, channel catfish, and more. The limit on rockfish is four per day over 20 inches. Information was sent out in January to all club members who had indicated an interest in fresh water fishing. That information included an opportunity to get on a special email list of club members desiring to fish for rockfish at Lake Anna. A number of club members responded. The first trip for 2016 has already been set up for April 7/8. The next trip is tentatively scheduled for late May or early June. If you would like to be added to the special email list, contact Marty Lockard at twistruff@cox.net (571-529-6433), and provide him with your name, address, and home and

cell telephone numbers.


5. MD Saltwater Trophy Fishing Opportunity

Lew Roach is scheduling a fishing charter with Captain Wayne Schuhart out of Chesapeake Beach, MD (Rod ‘n Reel Marina) on Sunday April 17th at 6:00 AM. This is opening weekend when the large (trophy) sea-run rockfish are running—one fish per angler. Captain supplies rods; mate cleans the fish back at the dock. We’re seeking 6 anglers, and cost should be $100 per angler, plus a suggested tip to the mate of at least $20. To book a rod, or for more information please contact Lew at lew.roach@gmail.com or cell (202) 417-4185. (Deadline for checks will be March 31st.)


6. Spring Membership Meeting Sunday, May 1, 2016 – Save the Date

Rick Mrstik has once again secured the Izaak Walton League, Centreville, for the meeting. Additional information will be provided as the date approaches, but please mark your calendars now.


7. Volunteer Activities. Thank you to all the Club members who volunteered to help with deer hunts at the National Wildlife Refuge and at Fairfax County's Sully Woodlands. You made a difference for some hunters while contributing your limited time in the outdoors to assist with deer management activities. We hope to see some fresh faces next season!




DIA Rod & Gun Club Newsletter, November 2015


In this issue:

  • Election of Club Officers
  • Alex Kosyak is looking for recoil pads for Argentina Dove Hunt
  • Volunteering Opportunities
  • Virginia Bay Fishing Charter December 4, 2015
  • Maryland Trophy Striper Fishing Charter December 13, 2015
  • Virginia Eastern Shore Waterfowl Hunt January 9-10, 2016
  • Fairfax Co Archery Hunt Report
  • Submissions for the Newsletter
  • Points of Contact
  • Calendar of Events


Election of Club Officers for 2016-2017

Club members recently received a ballot for election of Club directors for the next two-year term. Please return your completed ballot by November 30, 2015 to the Club

Secretary at the address on the ballot.


Alex Kosyak is looking for recoil pads

Talk about flying south for the winter, Club Member Alex Kosyak and his son are going to Argentina over the Christmas holidays to hunt doves. Alex is looking to borrow or buy used, strap-on recoil pads for the trip. If you have one you can part with or loan,

Alex can be reached by email at penaty7@yahoo.com


Volunteers Needed.

If you can spare some of your outdoor time this deer season, we need some help with the deer hunting program at Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge in Woodbridge.  Our Club has supported this program every year since it began and we hope to continue into the future. Your three or four hours on one or more days would help us accomplish what needs to be done. We're planning an afternoon check of all the hunt stands in November to fix the simple things we identify. We'll move deer on the four hunt days (5 Dec youth hunt, 10 & 17 Dec, 11 Jan) and a fifth possible hunt date on 21 March -- all half day events. The youth hunt is an afternoon event; the remaining hunts are mornings only. If you haven’t already signed up at the fall membership meeting,

please let Bernie Gately know at 703-425-1494 or by email to



Virginia Bay Fishing Charter

Ed Fortunato has a December 4, 2015, Virginia Bay charter, for which he will take stand by names in case of cancellations (the trip is currently full). Cost is $100 plus $20 tip for the mate. Contact Ed at: Ed.fort.translog@comcast. net. 703-622-9323


Maryland Trophy Striper Fishing Charter

Lew Roach is scheduling a striper fishing charter on the lower Potomac River on Captain Wayne Schuhart’s TRICIA ANN II on Sunday December 13th. This is at the end of the season and we expect the large sea-run rockfish will be running—two fish per

angler (limit includes one over 28 inches, and one 20-28 inches). Captain supplies rods; mate cleans the fish back at the dock. We’re seeking 6 anglers, and cost should be $100 per angler, plus a suggested tip to the mate of at least $20. For more information please call Lew at cell (202) 417-4185 or email @ lew.roach@gmail.com.


Virginia Eastern Shore Waterfowl Hunt:

If you are ready for some waterfowl action, contact Rick Mrstik (stikmann@aol.comright away to get in on a 2-day hunt with Capt. Pete Wallace of Chincoteague Hunting and Fishing Center (http://www.chincoteaguehunt-fish.com/). The guided hunt is

scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, 9-10 January. Chincoteague is about a four-hour drive from the Washington area, so the plan is to drive out on Friday afternoon and spend two nights at the Hampton Inn or Comfort Suites (about $90 per night) and return

late on Sunday. The Chincoteague area is the winter home to all manner of migrating waterfowl, so a great variety of birds should be present, with combined bag limits totaling around 30 birds per day. Brant, a seagoing goose, is a featured bird and will be

in season at that time. Two-day hunt cost will be $390 per hunter, and space is limited to four hunters, so contact Rick ASAP.


Fairfax Co. Archery Deer Management Hunt Report

Jay Avery heads up a group of bowhunters conducting management hunts on two county parks near Clifton, VA. As of this writing, the group has taken 16 deer, and hunting will continue until the program ends on February 20, 2016.


Submissions for the Newsletter

If you have something of interest to the membership that you would like to see posted in this newsletter, please forward it to David Eoff at deoff1@verizon.net or call him at 571-399-7094.

In this issue:
• Fall Membership Meeting and Dinner
• Elections to the Board
• Potomac River NWR Complex Deer Hunts
• Fairfax County Deer Management Hunts
• Novice Deer Hunter Workshop
• Volunteers Needed
• From My Treestand
• For Sale
• The Bottom Line
• Calendar of Events

1. Fall Membership Meeting and Dinner. Our Club’s semiannual membership meeting
and dinner is fast approaching. Doublecheck your calendar to be sure you’ve blocked out
Sunday, the 20th of September. We are confirmed for the Isaak Walton Facility in Centreville,
VA from 1:00 to 7:00 PM to enjoy skeet, trap, camaraderie, several great door prizes and our traditional barbeque dinner. More details and RSVP information will be in a separate invitation published in the next few days.

2. Elections to the Board. The military is always looking for a few good men and women
and now the DIA Rod and Gun Club is in the same situation. We have enjoyed a vibrant
membership with good leadership for the past two years but part of that equation is about to
change with the departure in December of at least two Board members. Our departing Board
members have served with distinction and we are now looking for the good men and women to
take their place. If you have enjoyed the benefits of the Club and want to do something in return,
now is your chance. The commitment is to attend four Board meetings and two semi-annual
meetings a year for the next two years. This is your chance to help the club and at the same time infuse new ideas and energy into the Board. We are volunteers led by volunteers and hope you can help. If interested or need more information, send me an email with your phone number and I will be in touch. Send to Dave Burpee at burpeed@verizon.net.

3. Potomac River NWR Complex Deer Hunts. Most members should have long since
received the hunt application message from the PRNWRC staff to hunt at Mason Neck NWR
and Occoquan Bay NWR this year. If you did not receive it, go to:
For Mason Neck Hunts: http://www.fws.gov/refuge/Mason_Neck/Visit/deerhunt.html
For Occoquan Bay Hunts: http://www.fws.gov/refuge/Occoquan_Bay/Visit/DeerHunt.html
Application deadline is Saturday, Sep. 19th.

4. Fairfax County Deer Management Hunts. Fairfax County has announced the details
on this year’s shotgun deer hunts. They will occur on 19 & 24 November, 14 January and 25
March at Sully Woodlands, a FCPA property of 1,821 acres. All information on applying,
qualifying and participating in the hunts has been emailed to all who were in the county data
base from previous shotgun hunts. This year’s application process will include a criminal
background check. If you are volunteering to join our team of volunteers (we hunt till 9:00 and
drive deer after that till noon or thereabouts), let Bernie Gately know of your intent. You may
also volunteer without hunting. You must have qualified on the Fairfax County Police Range to
hunt. Remember to schedule your weapons qualification for either the 4th or 11th of October.
Qualifications are good for three years and are accepted at all other northern Virginia
management hunts. All applications must be in by 01 October.

5. Novice Deer Hunter Workshop. Loudoun County and VDGIF are once again
sponsoring a deer hunter workshop for novice hunters at Banshee Reeks Nature Preserve. Class size is limited to ten novice hunters, or would be hunters, who have completed the Hunter Safety Course and are seeking additional confidence building skills as deer hunters. Each hunter is paired with an experienced volunteer mentor for the duration of a two day workshop in both the classroom and the field in October, followed by up to three days of deer hunting at Banshee
Reeks in December. If you know of anyone who might benefit from this workshop, please steer
them to http://blog.wildlife.virginia.gov/outdoor-report/2015/08/registration-open-for-banshee-reeksnovice-deer-hunter-workshop-and-hunt/.

6. Volunteers Needed. We need several members to help move the deer at Occoquan Bay
NWR on 5, 10 & 17 Dec and 11 Jan. The youth hunt on the 5th is for about two hours on
Saturday afternoon. For the remaining lottery hunts, we are there from 9:00 to 3:30 (or whatever
time you can contribute). There may also be a 4th hunt on Mar 21st. If you can help out and
maybe get to hunt as well, please let Bernie Gately know at 703-425-1494, or via email at
bernard.gately@verizon.net. You can also sign up at the fall membership meeting on 20 Sep.

7. From My Treestand. I bought a new Ford F150 XLT this spring and what better way to break
it in than drive to an antelope hunt near Douglas, Wyoming. Three friends and I left August 18 and returned on the 28th having put almost 4,000 miles on the vehicle. It is broken in and my tired b--- can attest to the fact it was a LONG trip. However, the end result was worth
the effort. There were 6 of us in camp and four antelope were harvested, one with a compound
bow and the other three with traditional equipment. The outfitter had blinds set near waterholes but there had been so much rain the prior weeks the animals did not need to come to a waterhole as they had plenty to drink in the surrounding terrain. The weather warmed up near the end of the hunt and the animals were taken on the last two days, mine on the last day. The only down side to the entire event happened in the first ten miles of the return drive when a truck threw a rock into my windshield and produced a crack that extended half-way across the windshield in front of the driver. My next antelope hunt is August of 2017. Hopefully I'll score again and the truck will have good luck also. On a more local level, I spent this last weekend hanging treestands. I hope to see you in the woods! Dave

8. For Sale. Grumman 17 foot aluminum canoe, classic blue and white factory paint scheme,
paddles, seat cushions, anchors. All in excellent condition. (car top transport blocks and tie-down straps included). $850.00. Call 703-239-9349 or email rjtarcza@cox.net

9. The Bottom Line.
Here’s a selection of photos from our more recent fishing excursions. And go to
for pics of the 21 Aug mackerel trip from Reedville.


10.Calendar of Events.
19 Sep – Mason Neck and OB hunt applications due
20 Sep – Fall Membership Meeting & Dinner
01 Oct – Fx Co shotgun deer hunt application due
04 Oct – Fx Co Range Qualif. #1
11 Oct - Fx Co Range Qualif. #2
01 Nov – Mason Neck scouting day
TBD – Fort AP Hill Annual Deer Hunt
19 Nov – Fx Co Hunt #1 at Sully Woodlands (FCPA)
16 Nov – Mason Neck hunt #1
20 Nov – Mason Neck hunt #2
24 Nov - Fx Co Hunt #2 at Sully Woodlands (PM hunt)
05 Dec – VDGIF Youth hunt at OBNWR
07 Dec - Mason Neck hunt #3
10 Dec – OB lottery hunt #1
17 Dec – OB lottery hunt #2
12 Dec - Mason Neck hunt #3
11 Jan – OB lottery hunt #3
14 Jan - Fx Co Hunt #3
22 Jan – Mason Neck Bonus Hunt
25 Feb - Fx Co Hunt #4
21 Mar – Possible OB Hunt #4