July 2014 Newsletter

Due to the large numbers of members on travel or otherwise vacationing out of the area, this is an abbreviated newsletter. Regular format will resume in mid to late August.

Fishing from Virginia:
Wed 20 Aug – Bay trip from Reedville, VA for Spanish mackerel. Did great last year, maxed our limit in half a day and the mackerel are starting to run now. Cost is $100 per person plus $20 tip for mate.  All trolling gear is provided, just bring your food and drinks. Make checks out to DIA Rod and Gun Club. Need the checks by 31 July.to hold the boat

Friday – 5 Dec -  Bay trip from Reedville VA for trophy size striped bass (rockfish). The big ones return to the Bay around Thanksgiving and they run 10-30 lbs. Last year we maxed out with huge fish. Cost is $100 per person plus $20 for the mate. All trolling gear is provided, just bring your food and drinks. (Remember this is deer season so double check your calendar). Make the checks out to DIA Rod and Gun Club. Checks due by 31 Aug.

Mailing address for checks is: (please note the due dates above )
Edward Fortunato
8803 General Couchs Court
Fredericksburg, VA 22407

After the event the Club Treasurer will contact you with any subsidy due to you. Max subsidy for event participation this year is $40.00

Contact Ed Fortunato  ASAP to make a reservation. Call his cell 703-622-9323703-622-9323 or Home 540-548-2489540-548-2489 or  ed.fort.translog@comcast.net

Deer Hunting at PRNWR Comlex:
The Mason Neck and Occoquan Bay Hunt Application period is now open. Visit the following websites to access the 2014 applications, view the 2014 hunt rules and regulations and learn the key dates in the application process.
Mason Neck NWR Deer Hunts:Â http://www.fws.gov/refuge/Mason_Neck/Visit/deerhunt.html
Occoquan Bay NWR Deer Hunts:Â http://www.fws.gov/refuge/Occoquan_Bay/Visit/DeerHunt.html




June 2014 Newsletter - 2nd Addendum

1. Maryland Light Tackle Fishing Charter. Lew Roach is scheduling a  striper fishing charter with Captain Wayne Schuhart out of Solomons Island, Md on Saturday 12 July at 6:30 AM. That time of season, live-lining small live bait works well in the Chesapeake Bay for mid-sized stripers (3 to 10 lbs) and blue fish. Captain supplies rods, bait; mate cleans the fish back at the dock.   We’re seeking a minimum of six anglers. The cost for this event is $100 per angler which is due to Lew by 7 July, plus a suggested cash tip to the mate of at least $20. Make the check payable to DIA Rod & Gun Club. After the event, the Club treasurer will send a check for any subsidy amount due to you. (NOTE: the total maximum subsidy you can receive from event participation this year is $40). For more information please call Lew ASAP at cell (202) 417-4185 or email at LEWIS.S.ROACH@cbp.dhs.gov
2. Fairfax County Archery Deer Hunt Applications. If you are interested in the Fairfax County Archery Deer Management Hunt Program this year you must apply by 6 July (12 days from now).Use this site to fill out the application.  https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1sYMWLAuDbDc5pGOAVp1d26Hdrfsi-V-AQJamol_3NkQ/viewform . Dave Eoff and Jay Avery are liaisons for the Clifton Cluster.

June 2014 Newsletter - 1st Addendum

1. Shenandoah River Float Trip. The Shenandoah River Float Trip started at 8 am on a cool and clear  Saturday June 14th at Down River Canoe Company in Bentonville VA, located about 12 miles up-river (south) of Front Royal. Four canoes of Aubrey Petitt and Suzanne Malone, Maston Gray and Mike Baumstark, Michael and Michaela Baumstark, Rich and Richie Capitan began at Burners Bottom and floated 7.5 miles back to the canoe company site. The cool breeze made the day very comfortable and the water level was above normal for this time of year and running clear. Other traffic on the river was light; the water was still too cool for serious tubing.


We fished the shadows, mostly on the eastern side of the river and caught 13 fish, mostly smallmouth bass, a perch, and a blue gill. All us had numerous bites and fish following the lures and bait up to the surface, and a few wiggled off the hooks. We used spinners, flies, worms, and artificial crayfish – fish were caught on all of them!  We were so busy fishing we didn’t get any pictures from the canoe. The next float trip will be in the Fall in late September or early October where we’ll try another stretch of the Shenandoah South Fork.


2. Prince William County Proposed Weapons Ordinance Changes. Prince William County, VA is considering changing their weapons ordinance. The proposed changes are in the PDF file attached. The next Weapons Control Committee meeting is scheduled for July 9 at 6:00 pm in the Occoquan Room at McCoart Building, 1 County Complex Ct, Woodbridge, VA 22192. If you live or hunt in Prince William County, this may directly impact you.



WCC Draft Changes
WCC Draft Changes.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [94.2 KB]

June 2014 Newsletter

In this issue:


· Virginia Trophy Striper Fishing Results

· Cape Hatteras Fishing Charter

· Headboat Fishing

· Fort AP Hill Hunter Certification

· Fort AP Hill Annual Deer Hunt

· DIA Alumni Association.

· Lake Anna Striper Results

· Hunters for the Hungry Banquet

· Fairfax County Deer Management's Archery Program

· Calendar of Events


1. Virginia Trophy Striper Fishing Results.

On 24 May, a beautiful sunny day, eight club members enjoyed a great day on the JIMMICK JR III out of Wicomico Church, Virginia. We brought in 15 to 20 striped bass, but only these four keepers on the day (over 18 1/2 inches or larger.). Low fish activity was totally unexpected by both the skipper, Capt. Jim and mate George, who both apologized for the lack of finding fish.  Nevertheless, all anglers participating had a good time and enjoyed the camaraderie with the other club members on board (Mike and Oksana Rodzianko, Greg and Alvie Brown, Dick and son Artur Vande Hei, Ryan Sullivan and Bud Braddock.)



2. Headboat Fishing. We have identified a headboat out of Cape Hatteras (Miss Cape Hatteras) that we may want to use. The headboat goes bottom fishing for snapper, grouper etc, and always catches fish. The beauty of a headboat is that we do not need a minimum of six people as charter boats require, and it is less expensive than a charter. We can go individually at a cost of $120.00.  The headboat is also available for charter at a cost of $2,800.00 divided among the participants up to a max of 45 persons.


Chartering the headboat would be a barrel of fun for a large group of us to go and swap fish stories while reeling in the big ones. Please contact Ed if you are interested; no cash is needed at this time since we’re trying to determine the number interested. If enough interest is there, we

can estimate individual cost and then contact those interested for a commitment. No pain no gain.


Or we can just go individually as a small group of Club members for $120.00 each. Either way we decide, the date would be after tourist season and Labor Day (mid to end Sept-early Oct).

Contact Ed Fortunato home, 540-548-2489540-548-2489, cell 703-622-9323703-622-9323 or ed.fort.translog@comcast.net


3. Cape Hatteras Fishing Charter. We had another great Cape Hatteras trip on 20 May. We caught 24 fish plus another 300 lb bull shark. That is two in two outings. Andrea Lockard is proudly showing her catch in this picture on the left. The whole team is shown below. L to R:

Marty Lockard, Ed Fortunato, Andrea Lockard, Ned O’Keefe, Bob Zebell and Bud Braddock. And Ed is showing his catch below as well.





4. Fort AP Hill Hunter Certification. Congratulations to the following club members who passed the Controlled Area Certification exam at Fort A.P. Hill this month: BUD BRADDOCK, LOREN HAAG, VINCE LIVELY, ZACH LIVELY, RICK MRSTIK, RYAN SULLIVAN, and

DICK VANDE HEI. Several of these hunters maxed the exam. Now certified, they can hunt in the controlled areas, which are closed to non-certified hunters. Why is this critical? The deer herd in these closed areas is dramatically larger than in the normal training areas. Additional club members who wish to be certified this year, contact Dick Vande Hei at (202)230-8658(202)230-8658 or rvande2924@verizon.net.


5. Fort AP Hill Annual Deer Hunt. Two cabins have been reserved for the opening of the shotgun season Nov 15. Hunt days will be Saturday, 15 Nov and Monday, 17 Nov. Cabins have been secured for the nights of 14,15 and 16 Nov. Interested hunters contact Dick Vande Hei.  Cost is minimal. There are new and enhanced hunt area procedures that are currently being worked out by the Fort AP Hill staff, all of which will enable hunters to reserve hunt areas in advance by computer or cell phone. We will provide details when available.


6. DIA Alumni Association. Those of you in our membership who served with the DIA in a civilian or military capacity may not be aware there is a non-profit association (DIAA) focused on individuals previously associated with DIA. Anyone interested in finding out more about the association should contact Cal Carnes via email at callandcarnes@cs.com. He will respond with information about the DIAA and the benefits of joining.


7. Lake Anna Striper Results. The 13 June Lake Anna striper (rockfish) Club fishing event can only be described as “fast and furious.” Club fishermen were Andy Tirch, Mark White, Ryan White, and Marty Lockard. Due to relatively fast action within the first hour, we quickly ran out of live bait. It was necessary to look for and net additional live bait – handled adroitly by our captain, Jim Hemby. The team stumbled and missed a lot of early opportunities because the fishing style is not intuitive, but everything mostly came together and the team began hooking and pulling in fish in a coordinated fashion – a must on Captain Jim’s boat. Pictures and other information can be located on “The Daily Blog” tab of Jim’s web site at http://www.jimhemby.com/


By 9AM, the boat was headed back to the dock as the team had amazingly caught its limit in just a few hours (four stripers per fisherman over 20 inches). The captain donated his limit, so there were a total of 20 keepers for club members, some of them larger than 20-23 inches. An interesting note is that the team caught more than 70 fish in those few morning hours, and that doesn’t count the ones that were hooked but lost. The non-keepers were mostly smaller stripers in the 18-19 inch range.  While everyone was catching decent sized fish, it appeared that Mark White caught the largest fish shown in the photo.



8. Hunters for the Hungry Sportsman’s Banquet. The Hunters for the Hungry program will be holding its third annual Whitestone Farm / Hunters for the Hungry Sportsman's Banquet on Saturday July 26, 2014. This special event will be held at Whitestone Farm located at 22699

Whitestone Lane, Aldie, VA. Come enjoy an evening of food, fun and fellowship while helping to make a difference in the lives of many less fortunate in our community and statewide. The event includes dinner, dessert, beverages and a variety of raffles and live and silent auctions of

donated merchandise. For more information and tickets to the event contact Cole Cushman, (540) 454-2688(540) 454-2688 or Jason McIntosh, (571) 437-8304(571) 437-8304.


9. Fairfax County Deer Management's Archery Program.  Fellow Club Members, Jay Avery, our archery team leader, has sent the first message of the year to Club members who participated with us in the Fairfax County Park hunts last year. The edited message is provided below in case you want to join the team. This is a super opportunity for some quality bowhunting right here in our back yard. If you have questions, contact Jay (jnlavery@verizon.net) or Dave Eoff (deoff1@verizon.net). Time is short so if you are interested you should take action now.


Thanks, and hope to see you in the woods.

Dave Burpee


From: "jnlavery@verizon.net" jnlavery@verizon.net

Sent: Monday, June 9, 2014 8:00 PM

Subject: Fwd: Fairfax County Deer Management's Archery Program - 6/9/14 Update


A lot has changed since last year with the Deer Management hunts. Below is a message from Tim Hartle that contains valuable information on this year’s program.  The first link is to an application for each individual archer. We all need to complete this form if you intend to hunt. Unlike the past years you may choose to apply to a park closer to you. Dave Eoff and I have been assigned Clifton Cluster this year. You may choose that park cluster if you want.  The second link is information Sgt. Powell has posted to the FCDMAP website.  Third is Sgt. Powell's email address if you have questions not answered.  Finally, Tim has set up a site for all to communicate about hunts, harvests, or just chat with other hunters.  We have until July 6th to apply. Also think about qualifications. If you did not qualify last year you will need to requalify this year.


If you have any further questions I can help with please feel free to contact me.

571-722-8059571-722-8059 703-732-3257703-732-3257


Thanks and good hunting,



Tim Hartle Message:


It’s been just over a week since Sgt. Powell circulated the individual archer form link http://goo.gl/U3X2aI for application in this year’s Fairfax County Deer Management’s Archery Program (FCDMAP). Since then, 328 archers have applied to the program.  As you may know, there were some issues with the email reaching everyone.

Despite the group leaders’ forwarding the email to last year’s participants, I’m still hearing from archers who never got it. Sgt. Powell’s email can be viewed on the

FCDMAP website here: https://sites.google.com/site/fairfaxcountyarchery/home/q-a

The site has other useful information as well.


In an attempt to ensure that direct email to all archers is available, I’ve set up a MailChimp account with what I believe to be a complete list of email addresses for everyone associated with the program to date. The list currently contains 919 addresses. If this MailChimp email finds its way into your spam filter, please whitelist

my address so that you receive future important notifications. Sgt. Powell’s email address is Earit.Powell@fairfaxcounty.gov. White-listing it would also be a good idea.


If you haven’t applied yet, please do so as soon as possible. If you know of other bona fide archers who may be interested in the program, please forward this email to them.


Additionally, so that participants in the program can communicate with each other, I’ve set up a private on-line forum. If you would like to register for the new forum, go here: http://fcdmap.freeiz.com, select the ‘’Register’’ option at top left of the screen, read and agree to the ‘’canned’’ user agreement, and then fill out the resultant

screen with your chosen user name and password. When you do, I’ll get an email and, as soon as I can, approve your registration based on the existence of your email address in the MailChimp address list used to send this email. (This validation process keeps the forum private.) If you upload an avatar (not required), you must

limit its size to 65x65 pixels.


As the forum site’s name implies, the host provider is free. That means limited resources. This past weekend the site was down for an unknown reason. If the forum becomes popular (currently only 80 registrants) and outages become too frequent, I may need to upgrade to a purchased account (about $5 per month). If you

register, or have already registered, please post a note on the forum indicating whether or not you believe the forum is worth maintaining. If the majority of the group feels the site is worthwhile, I’ll probably spring for the upgrade.


If at all possible, please do not reply to this email with questions. As in the past, questions should be routed through your group leader. If you don’t have a group leader try asking your question on the forum. If one of the moderators doesn’t respond, I will.


I hope everyone is looking forward to a fruitful deer management season.



Tim Hartle


10. Calendar of Events.

14 Jun – Float fishing the Shenandoah

06 Jul – Deadline to apply for FCDM Archery Program

26 Jul – H4H Sportsman’s Banquet

TBD Sep - Float fishing the Shenandoah

14 Sep - Fall membership meeting at IWLA

14-16 Nov – Fort AP Hill Annual Deer Hunt

May 2014 Newsletter

In this issue:

  • Lake Anna Striper Fishing
  • Float Fishing the Shenandoah
  • Spring Membership Meeting & Dinner
  • Cape Hatteras Fishing Charter
  • Youth Fishing Event
  • Hunters for the Hungry Banquet
  • Social Media
  • Calendar of Events
  • Points of Contact

1. Lake Anna Results. April 26 was a great day to fish for stripers on Lake Anna. Catching stripers is another topic...... As one of the attendees said, "We caught all the fish that were willing to bite!" Eight stripers were put in the boat but two were released as being too small. Two catfish were also caught and released. The relative lack of success was due to lockjaw on the part of the fish and not any lack of expertise or effort on the part of the guide. He put us on LOTS of fish -- we could see them all day on the electronic display -- but they were unwilling to cooperate and donate themselves to our cooler. Those that did volunteer put up a good fight. Regardless, a good time was had by all, and that after all is the goal of the exercise. The results are shown in the photo (l to r: Anthony Stewart, Mark Shelton, Dave Burpee, Marty Lockard and Jim Woodbridge).