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Get the skillet ready !

Fish breaking on the horizon

In search of  Spanish Mackerel 

Rigged for a day's catch

Rigged for a day's catch w/ Lew, Dick, Bill, Fred, Charlie, Makayla, Sarah. Captain Wayne and first mate Dougie on the Tricia Ann !

Kenney Concepcion's son with his 20lb NC citation blackfin tuna caught on a recent club trip!

Lew Roach caught this on the trip’s most recent deep-sea trip. Congrats to Lew!

Ed Fortunato Jr. with a nice Wahoo

Kenny Conception with his Amberjack

Bill Brewer with his Barracuda

Makayla shows off her catch!

The day's catch

A nice day on the Bay!

Ed Fortunato Sr., Jr., and Dick Vande Hei with King Salmon

Dave Burpee's gear for sale. If interested contact Dave Burpee at:


Club member Dave Burpee and his grandson Dylan with Dylan's 2-for-1 pigs
Club members Dave Burpee, Dan Van Gundy and Bob Seltzer with some Lake Anna Stripers
Kevin Concepcion with a big striper on his first trip!
Club member Ned O'Keefe with a big cat!

Club member Dan Van Gundy arrows a nice Wyoming antelope buck

Past President Dave Burpee with his fine Wyoming antelope buck

Lake Anna stripers

Members catch from Cape Hatteras includes 1 mahi mahi, 2 wahoos and 7 blackfin tuna

Member Bill Brewer with his 50-lb Wahoo caught off Cape Hatteras

Andy Tirch with his fine Quantico buck

Andy Tirch's fine Quantico buck

Club members and guides in a cold Queenstown blind

Only Charlie Tamez would order pizza to a goose blind!

Club member Mike Semenec (top) and son Paul with some nice Smallmouth Bass from Lake Oneida NY

Lake Anna Channel Cat

Dennis McNulty "bears" witness to a successful hunt

Dave Burpee hams it up with his South Carolina hog.

Club member Dick Vande Hei with a trophy Rockfish from the Chesapeake Bay

Rockfish from Chesapeake Bay!

Club members enjoy a successful Rockfish trip on Lake Anna

Club VP Marty Lockhard with a nice Oregon Chinook salmon

Club President Dave Burpee with his "Hole in One" antelope buck in Wyoming






















Club member Herb Cully (left) with his trophy Rockfish on Maryland's opening day, 2017



















Another great day on Lake Anna in June 2017

Club members enjoy a successful day on Lake Anna with some nice striped bass!


Club President Dave Burpee with his bull moose, Alberta, Canada, fall 2016



Lake Anna Stripers
Lake Anna Stripers
Youth Day at Occoquan Bay
Club President Dave Burpee with his antelope

Dave Burpee's Buck of a Lifetime - more points than the Redskins offense!

Artur Vande Hei's First Buck, Dec 14

Rockfish from Reedville, 5 Dec 14

Saltwater Charter from Reedville, 9 Oct 14

Lake Anna Striper Fishing, 13 June 14

A nice rack of Lake Anna stripers

Cape Hatteras Headboat Fishing, 20 May 14

Not a bad haul!
Ed Fortunato will be serving grilled Mahi Mahi with lemon butter and garlic
Andrea Lockard with a very nice catch!

Striper Fishing on the Chesapeake Bay - 24 May 14

Trophy Stripers, 24 May 14
Striper Fishermen, 24 May 14

Kids Day at Occoquan Bay - 17 May 14

Cape Hatteras, 2 May 14

Gerald Hanson, Clint Adamkavicius, Tim Cary, Rick Mrstik, and Scout enjoy an upland hunt at Shady Grove Preserve in Remington, VA
Dan Van Gundy with his Texas javelina
Dave Burpee w/ his "Good eatin' size Texas hog"
Ed Fortunato with his first mule deer, taken in Montana
Club members at Shady Grove Preserve Hunt
Jerry Nini with a Trophy (?)
Club President Dave Burpee's Wyoming Antelope, Aug 2013